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**Our Booking Form**

I understand that Micky Lynn's Executive Touch and the Adult Entertainer/Upscale Escort have the right to cancel/end/refuse any booking not following the agency guidelines.

I'm requesting to see an adult entertainer and/or upscale escort through Micky Lynn's Executive Touch and have not experienced any form of solicitation in anyway.

Please make sure you know our rates before completing our booking form. All bookings require a 2 to 24 hour notice prior for all bookings.

If you need to CANCEL and/or CHANGE your booking, please let us know at least an hour prior.

The phone number & email address provided below will be used to confirm your booking, if we CAN NOT reach you. We will be forced to cancel any schedule booking(s).

Can we leave a message?
Choose a time
In House or Out Call:

*Home or Hotel Information Required*

Please provide Micky Lynn's Executive Touch with the address where our adult entertainer/upscale escort will be meeting you. This can be your home or hotel, if you are staying at a hotel, it must be registered under your full legal name.

Incomplete form missing ANY information CAN NOT be processed.

When you have verified that all information you provided to Micky Lynn's Executive Touch is correct, please click the SUBMIT BUTTON!

Thank you & We hope to meet you real soon!​Yours Truly, Micky Lynn's Executive Touch

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